abstract art by jeff smith
“Funny Papers” 2022. NFT available at 1stDibs

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Much of my work is what I calls ”Dark Pop,” a reaction to the original Pop Art movement of the 1950s and 1960s, which has inspired me since first seeing a Lichtenstein painting as a child. Taking elements of Pop Art and updating them for today’s world creates a darker and more nuanced message, while remaining true to its colorful roots.

This original 1/1 piece was created from 9 separate drawings, paintings, photos and gradients layered onto one high-resolution digital canvas. This is a painting filled with conflict and competition, filtered to find the harmony (and intentional contrast) in the final piece. This painting is created in 8K resolution and is suitable for large-scale printing on art paper or canvas, if desired. Use a large digital OLED screen for optimal viewing.